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With a Focus in Divorce and Criminal/DUI Defense.





Our laywers have taken a uniquie approch to DUI cases by taking extensive training both from the legal and law enforcement officers classes.  Our lawyers are qualified to accuratly assess your case and win cases.   Attorney Justin is a quilified expert witness for DUI trials and is a member of the prestigous American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys. 



Our experienced attorney's have routinly been sucessful with cases ranging from simple possession (drug crimes) to violent crimes (gun crimes, assult and battery; attempt murder).  


Attorney Justin started his career handling family law, divorce, child custody and child support matters exclusively.  Our firm routinely works with a vast diversity of clientele ranging from high net worth clients to simple uncontested divorce cases.  The ability to have worked with such a vast clientele has afforded Mr. Justin the experience to handle any issue that may be present in any divorce including complex financial or asset division, domestic violence and contested custody issues.   If you want an attorney who puts your interest first, is willing to meet with you or just give you an explanation regarding your case in simple terms.


The Law Office of Ronald Justin is not the biggest law firm, we did not set out to be that or become that, we set out and created a family law firm where you are our priority and each case is given the individual attention you deserve.  We want your experience with us to be made to make you feel cared for, protected and well represented each and every step of the way, from our first meeting to the completion of your case.  Our lawyers are members of the community where we serve our clients, we believe in being active and present and strive to serve our communities both personally and professionally.  Our Goal is provide world class services at an affordable price by limiting the number of clients each attorney is responsible for.  Our clients benefit from attorney’s that enjoy personal time away from the office allowing them to focus on each case when they are in the office.  The attorneys have a passion for the work they do and it shows in their commitment to achieving the best results for each of their clients.  We extend a warm invitation to join our family as we put your interest first in your time of need.


We have locations in Downtown Chicago and Arlington Heights for your convenience and if that doesn’t work, let us know and we will schedule a time to meet you at a location that will work for both of us.


By far the best lawyer Ive ever used

5.0 stars

Posted by Kyle 
March 15, 2017

Definitely hire this man. Period. I hired Ronald Justin initially for a number of reasons. The primary one of course being that I was in a lot of trouble, and didn't see any way out of it. Other reasons however, being that out of the various attorneys I consulted with, he was the only one that actually treated me with a proper degree of respect, and then much to my surprise, went on to explain in detail just how he would go about attempting to win my case if I so chose to hire him. At the end of the consultation, he asked me to call around to some other attorneys and get back to him if I decided upon pursuing him. Before the end of the call though, I'd already decided he was the right one for me to hire, and looking back now that was certainly the right decision. He was very tactful, and not pushy. Prior to speaking with him though, I had already consulted with some overly high-priced, hoity-toity lawyers from different firms whom besides talking down to me, flat out said that they didn't even really want to take my case as they viewed it as un-winnable. This case consisted of it being my second dui (while still on supervision for the first one) and a felony possession of a controlled substance (of which I already have two previous felony convictions for the same thing). What all that meant was that with my record alone I was guilty until proven innocent, and I was looking at a maximum of 8 years in prison, as well as my driver's license being revoked for 3 years. Well, I sit here today a free man, with a valid drivers license no less, thanks to the significant efforts of good ol' Ron and his colleague Katherine Levine. While definitely not proud of this fact, I've been arrested over a dozen times and have used more than my fair share of attorneys over the years, so take my word for it that I have a lot of experience to reference here. Never have I ever encountered an attory (outside of the movies, that is) that fought for his client in the courtroom during the trial the way that he did. I wish that I had known of him years before when facing those previous cases; if I had, I doubt that I would have a criminal record at all today - and certainly not a felony one. If you think for a second that you can get away with using a public defender because you "just can't afford an attorney" or whatever other excuse you have, just be advised that you will lose your case and be funneled through the system. They are jokingly referred to as "public pretenders" for a reason... Give him a call, and just see what he says. It was the best decision I made last year, and I'm a free man today with a drivers license thanks to him and his colleague, Katherine Levine. Many thanks to you both. They earned the profound respect I hold for them.


Ronald M. Justin

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